Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So I'll admit.  Today's title may be a little miss-leading.  It may seem that this can be a very sexual/provocative type blog.  Oh no.  Far from the case.  It's all about tongue in cheek disgust.

Today, I'm referring to my distain of traffic enforced cameras, popping up at traffic lights.

Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of cameras trying to nab folks at traffic lights?

These lights are supposed to catch people who go through lights, make illegal turns or go too far into intersections.  Then, a picture of your car is taken, and you get a ticket sent to you in the mail.

Why are they doing this?  If you believe it's for public safety, you need to get away from la la land and visit the real world.

Towns are hurting for cash.  So, the easiest way to make up that revenue, is to punish their citizens.

Yup, instead of putting money into the economy or savings, officials want it for themselves.  All because they can't balance a budget, and rely on hard working people to fix their fuck-ups.

The mascot of wasteful spending
Here's a radical idea.  Stop spending money as if it's coming out of a bottomless pit, and balance your budgets. 

By doing this, people will be able to spend money, banks will prosper because people can take out loans, and townships won't have to nail hard working people for extra cash.

Government officials put budgets into the red because they were greedy.  Now, they are nailing you at red lights to help them get out of the red.  I'm sure even they laughed at the irony of this asinine situation.

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