Friday, December 2, 2011


We all want to go home after a long honest day of work, and after a full day of running around producing television, I'm no exception.

On Wednesday however, you can say that I hit a bump in the road.

The PATH train is a main source of transportation for thousands of New Jersey Residents in and out of New York.

Without notice, the PATH train shut down service at their mid-town station.

Reports are conflicted by the N-Y-P-D on whether it was due to an accident at another station stop, or due to the President being in town for fundraising purposes.

Travelers arrived to gated turnstiles, and armed soldiers defending the gates, with AK-47's at 34th street.

Commuters wanted answers as to what was going on, and how they'll get home.

Instead of getting much needed answers, we were met with soldiers being hostile and yelling.

A lady asked how she would get home to her kids repeatedly.  For some reason, the solider responded by yelling at her.  I said, "there's no reason to yell, she's just looking for answers".  The solider turned at me, flaunting his high assault weapon chest high, and yelled, "CALM DOWN SIR...CALM DOWN!!"

I was beyond livid, and perplexed as to his temper tantrum.  To annoy him I chuckles, and said, "Take it down a notch skippy, and take a velum".

To make matters worse, police officers at the station acted as if they couldn't care less about the problem at hand.

One had the nerve to say, "Maybe you can get home from the World strafe Center...if you’re lucky."

After calling a friend who works downtown, I found out that the World Trade Center station train was overflowing with people, and it was utter gridlock.  The friend said, "Imagine they were giving out free iPads to all New Yorkers, but you had to pick them up in one place.  That's how it looks".

I was infuriated with the lack of help from police, so I took a gamble and went to Penn Station on 6th avenue instead.

A wave of PATH commuters showed up as well.  To pour salt in the wounds, NJ Transit was not cross honoring passes, and made all the commuters spend their hard earned dollars on train tickets.

The NYPD is arguably one of the greatest police forces in the world.
 However, when lazy cops forget its their job to protect AND serve people, they give all cops a bad name.  

Furthermore, we all know that the government run mass transit system is broken here in the New York / New Jersey area.  But how dare they take advantage of commuters, who just want to go home.

They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people, when all they want to do, is go home.

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