Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Chances are, you didn't know this person, and this person didn't know you. 

Upon looking at these photos, a mix of emotions came pouring out.  A curiosity of so many unanswered questions, sadness for the family/friends this person left behind, respect for someone who unselfishly risked their life to save our freedom, and silence to show this solider respect.

All of a sudden, your life comes to a screeching halt.  You may have been complaining about gas prices, upset by the cold weather, or just mad at your computer for running so slow. 

Then all of a sudden, you came across these pictures, and realized how lucky you are to have such insignificant problems in life. 

Did you think of this...

Are you happy the fact you're able to drive a car every day? 
Are you happy that you're even allowed to leave your house?
Are you happy you have the funds to own a computer...let alone surf the Internet whenever you want.


The only reason you have those freedoms, are due to people like this, who put their life in the line every day.

This person is a hero, and deserves, the upmost respect.