Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I’ll admit.  I don’t know everything in life.  Here are some great examples...

Chris Brown is a piece of shit that deserves to get his ass handed to him.  Why, because he’s an immature little fuck that believes it’s okay to beat up women.

On the other hand, you have WWE Champion CM Punk.  At first, all I knew        is that he’s a wrestler who’s been mentioned on recent WWE promos. 

After looking more into CM Punk (real name Phillip Brooks), I discovered that he’s a bad ass pro wrestler, and follows a straight edge life.

See, Brown somehow won a recent Grammy.  This was a big controversy because some intelligent people haven’t forgotten/forgiven him for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

So in response, CM Punk released this tweet…

Of course, Brown responded to the tweet.  Reason being, it’s easy to act like a tough guy, while on your smartphone, behind many bodyguards…

Very quickly, CM Punk put out this Twitter video…

This is sounding like a true WWE storyline.  With WrestleMania around the corner, it’s probably too good to be true for the pro-wrestling organization.  Hell, it’s all over the Internet and TMZ. 

Alas, this is not a stunt, nor is it orchestrated by the WWE.

Nope.  This is fueled by someone who’s honestly just sick. 

Sick of the fact people don’t see a problem with what Chris Brown did.  Seriously!  People honestly don’t see the problem with what Brown did!!!

I thought it was common knowledge to people.  You don’t hit/take advantage of women.  No excuses. 

In previous blogs I’ve mentioned how it’s not okay to abuse women, and also feuds others have had with Chris Brown.

However, this is one showdown, which I truly wish would end up in a wrestling ring.

Picking up trash on the side of the road doesn’t set a good example.  If that’s your punishment, for doing such a horrid crime, what does that teach?

I’m not a proponent of violence, but I know for a fact, that I’d buy a pay per view event that had a main title fight of CM Punk vs. Chris Brown.

All proceeds can go to any type of battered women foundation, and a lesson will be taught to tons of people.

Let’s see how Brown can fight his way out of this one.

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