Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Such a broad title, yet, we can apply it to so many different situations.  We tell kids not to allow bullying, and I've seen old folks fight tooth and nail for a lucky chair at bingo.

The bully I'm talking about today, are corporations.

No, this isn't one of those political / anti-government rants.  Think more along the lines of office politics.

With the way things have been lately, let's just say I'm ready to go all "Office Space" on our printer! (We don't have a fax machine)…

In the 5+ years I've been there, I've literally lost count how many times I've been overlooked for a promotion. 

Somehow, people I've trained are now above me.  That my Internet friends, is the ultimate (bend it like Beckam) kick in the ass!

What do I keep hearing from upper management?

"You need to keep working on things"
"We think these other people can deliver some real results"
"Be patient, your day will come"

So far, I've done nothing but work 2-3 pay scales under what my work load actually is. 
Majority of people that were hired are utter idiots and can't produce their way out of a paper bag.
Lastly, I can't wait any more.

I've come to accept that corporations don't really give a shit about you.  You're nothing but a number to them. All they care about, is spending as little as possible, to make that you (the number) continue working.

So here I am.
On the train heading into work.
I know shit will probably hit the fan in a few hours.
But what do I have to lose?

I once enjoyed my job.  I lost that.
I once saw a long running future.  I lost that.

I lost a lot. Now, I need to find it.  I'm not a number, so it’s time to make a change since no one else gives a damn.

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