Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'll be the first to admit.  When it comes to love, I honestly think I'm great at giving advice.  When it comes to having to follow my own advice, well, I'm a lost cause.

So with those percentages, I guess I'm so-so with my love knowledge.

Then I came across a particular article. I'll say this much...if you can't appreciate this better be blind, deaf and plain ol' stupid.
After being together for 61 years, a Pennsylvania couple died within 12 hours of each other!

Nancy Trimmer passed away a little after midnight on a Sunday in her sleep.  When her husband Richard found out about the news while in the hospital, he too passed away around noon.

According to the family, moments before Richard passed, he said "Pull me up" and "Hold me tighter now".

Richard and Nancy were high school sweethearts who had six children and 10 grandchildren.'s almost Valentine’s Day.
Yes...we all have different relationship statuses Yes...we may/may not be bitter with the opposite sex at the moment.

But these are one of the rare moments that you're reading something so heartwarming in the news.  There's no tragedy here.  Only the recognition of pure love by an 80 year old couple.

If that doesn't touch your heart, or at least make you crack a smile, I feel sorry for you.

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