Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Rather hit that snooze button instead of getting up.  
Go ahead and do it.  
Not like anyone else gets up that early.

Oh, but wait.  
Someone always does.   
Instead of jumping to hit the snooze button, people literally start the day off on the right foot...running.

The diet starts tomorrow.  

Tomorrow will never be here.  Today is the day when people prepare 5-6 small meals a day.  They want to see a better tomorrow.

I've been on my feet all day.  I'm lounging.

He wishes he can stay on his feet all day, but he still figures out how to get the job done.

Too hot to do anything.

The weather is too extreme to do anything, but they get their mission done.

I need to babysit or watch the kids.  
It's impossible to exercise.  

Because it's impossible to stay active together.

It's so nice hiring people to do the lawn.

It's more satisfying doing it yourself.

I have this old injury.  It restricts what I do.

This NYC Firefighter has an old injury too.  While riding his bike, a two ton bus made an illegal turn.  Matt Long was not only dragged under the bus, but he was impaled by his bike.  With many surgeries and years of rehab, Matt worked his ass off to regain his old shape.  After all of that, he ran the NYC Marathon & Iron Man competition.  But I'm sure your old injury is worse than his, right?

Machines were built to do work for us.

They also breathe for you after not taking care of yourself for so long.

I've been like this for years. 
It's my genetics.  
Not like I can do anything about it

Being fat isn't in your genetics.  
Stupidity / laziness might be though.

I can't afford diet pills, ready to go meals, or any of the other health products sold at GNC.  The one time I did buy them, they didn't work.

A magical bill doesn't work.  The only way to get the results you want; is to go out there and work hard for them.

How can I bounce back with everything going so bad for me lately?

Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head.  Let me repeat that...SHOT...IN...THE...HEAD!!!  
The second picture is her months later on the house floor.  
Do I really need to go any further? 


So tell me...what's you're excuse for a better you?

And why are you letting it stop you?

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