Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For years, I'm one of the few people from my group of friends, that actually LOVES what he does for a living.  

Sadly, I need to change that to lovED.

I was a producer on the Fox Business Network show ‘Freedom Watch’.  It was a libertarian show, which essentially was an advocate on smaller government principles.  

However, for reasons that are WAY out of my hands, Freedom Watch and two other shows have been cancelled. That leaves me, a person who's used to working 55-65 hours a week, out of a job.  More importantly, a person who has to stop doing what he loves.  

My reaction to the cancellation, and taping of our final show, has actually surprised me. I'm not scared...I'm not concerned...nor am I freaking out.

Maybe it's because I've been looking for a position with more growth.

Maybe it's because I have many contacts who can help me.

Or maybe...I know others who are much worse off than I am.

They have kids to support...I don't even have a pet fish.

Some have severe health issues...I have seasonal allergies.

Others have a mortgage...I pay rent with my 2nd job. 

Times seem rough, I won't doubt that.  However that just means one thing. That I need to be that one optimistic one of the bunch, and keep the faith.

Things always have the potential to work out for the best when we least expect it. Just as long as you keep fighting hard and don't accept defeat.

So what's next for me?
I honestly have no F'n clue.

What I do know...

I might have been knocked on my ass after round one, but I plan to come out fighting for round two.


  1. I'm happy to see that you, purportedly associated with Freedom Watch, used my protest signs graphic.

    That's just about the coolest endorsement of it that I can think of.

    So how did you come back fighting in the subsequent months?

    1. If I remember correctly -- one of the producers found the image (either google or facebook) and sent it to all of us. With all the chaos going on, we all got a much need laugh/smile out of it.

      Post FreedomWatch I was able to grab some pretty decent freelance jobs. Luckily, work has been pretty consistent the last few months. So I count my blessings.

      Thanks for asking.

      Freedom Watch was one of the best shows I've ever worked on. Still miss it. Not many shows are built around the ideas Freedom Watch stood behind.

    2. It's wonderful to hear that you guys actually saw (much moreso liked) the graphic. I am a minor noise in the liberty movement, myself, so normally I am simply satisfied to expect that stuff I do has an impact, but I considered Freedom Watch as important as anything in the movement at that time, so even a glancing brush with it perks me right up, even more than when people I knew ended up as guests.

      In fact, I'm going to turn into a total fanboy for ten seconds, and ask:

      Did Napolitano see the pic? Did he think the Italian ice cream reference was funny?

      OK, I'm I'm better now...it was a one-time lapse, but it had to be done.

    3. Honestly, if I had to take a guess, I don't think the Judge saw it. Sorry.

      Between his book, tv schedule, and the fact he was fighting to keep our jobs...I don't think anyone showed him anything that wasn't business related.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It was great always reading facebook comments about the show. After hearing about the cancellation...the comments really put smiles on the staffs faces.

    4. I felt sorry for the flood of conspiracy theory stuff that was everywhere after it was cancelled. While I would not find it implausible that key decision-makers at the Fox parent company would dislike the show's themes (Murdoch having tweeted disparaging remarks about Ron Paul spring to mind), FBN had been supporting more libertarian viewpoints for a while, and were retaining STOSSEL...but these guys seemed not to care about the facts, only the outrage. I had to keep pointing out that they were retaining him as a "contributor".

      But, as someone who only watches Fox for STOSSEL, Red Eye, The Five, and sometimes part of whatever follows those, it's hard to FIND when the Judge is going to be on, so I can watch it.

      I felt really bad when he had to go as far as to make that post asking people to tone it down and stop accusing Fox of censoring him.

      You said work's been pretty consistent...anything worth mentioning? Or is lack of details a hint that I should get off my lazy duff and actually read the rest of your blog?

      (I found your site because I was dragging various popular graphics of mine into Google Image Search and seeing who was using what, to amuse myself and my kids)

    5. Eh -- It's kind of hard for me to respond to all of that. Just know that fox does not have any beef with the Judge. He's a great guy to work for.

      As for the job...it's at a local station in the tri-state area.
      I'd rather not go into details for job security reason. Nothing personal or between the lines to look for. Just rather something not snow ball into anything.

      I'll admit, it's nice talking about the days at FW. Even watching the Judge on the Daily Show this afternoon was great. Good times!

    6. BTW -- on page 277 of the Judge's new book -- you'll see the mention of a certain Mr. Monte :P

  2. Note that I was relating the existence of paranoia about why the show was cancelled, not believing it.

    It was pretty clear, since they were keeping him on as a "contributor", that he wasn't exactly being eliminated by his philosophical opponents.

    You know, I was worried when FW went from weekly to daily. It seemed that this might saturate the market, so to speak. At the point where it went daily, some were calling it a top-rated fox show (though I don't know the actual numbers). Was that the turning point?

    I wonder, if STOSSEL had gone daily and FW remained weekly, if the opposite show would be on the air, now.

    I'll download his new book to my smartphone's Kindle app, and do a text search for your name.