Tuesday, February 28, 2012


You always hear, or read, about really dumb criminals.  Sometimes they're caught on camera doing something stupid, or they have a mug shot that you can't stop laughing at.  

These kind of low life’s are pretty funny to read about.

Well one New York mom tops most of the recent ones I've heard about.  She's done nothing that caused her to be arrested, but it's her retribution, sorta speak.

This woman is suing New York City for $900 TRILLION!!!

Reason being?
She's suing the city for placing her two kids in foster care for allegedly being mentally unstable.

Okay, here are the interesting details.

She was seeking out treatment for her kids, because she said their skin is getting darker due to radiation.

To top off winning the mom of the year award - she told school officials that the FBI is hunting down her boys.

So with all this nonsense, child services put the kids in foster care because the mom was deemed mentally unstable 

Now here's the other side of the coin.

The kids haven’t really missed any days of school.  In fact, they're actually considered to be exceptional students.  Top it off, they have no physical harm done to them.

Seems that if it wasn't for saying some really stupid things...this problem would be nonexistent.  She even won a few pre-trials to get her kids back.

Now here's the thing...I'm really not interested in the case itself.

There's way to many facts missing, to know what’s going on by reading a few articles.  I can comment on one aspect of this case...


It's a new trend in trials.  First, it was suing for the most ridiculous reason.  Now, it's trying to bleed people dry for every penny.

To put this in perspective
- The biggest NYC payout was $13-$15 million involved with the Staten Island ferry crash
- New York's GDP is $1.2 Trillion in 2010
- The deficit of New York is $242 Million
- Our national deficit is a touch over $15 Trillion
- Written out, she’s asking for $900,000,000,000,000.00

People always look for an easy way to get by.  This is no different.

Those people need a good bitch slap...and need to be introduced to some common sense.

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