Monday, March 26, 2012


It’s funny.  Sometimes you’d kill to find something to blog about.  Other times, you can’t talk about a topic fast enough.  So I’d like to know how my dumb ass hasn’t mentioned this as my first blog!?!?!  I’ve only mentioned it, since, well, as long as I can remember.


This should go as common knowledge to any guy.  You can NEVER just casually go into a woman’s purse.  END OF STORRY!!!
A rare look of a female purse

I don’t care how long you’ve been in a relationship with this person…
I don’t care how long you’ve been friends…
I especially don’t care if you think she won’t be mad about it…

Reason being?
You never know what the hell you’re going to find.

How many times have you heard a female say something along the lines of, “My purse is an endless abyss of junk.”

Let me translate that.  It really means, “Who knows what the hell is in my purse.”

If she doesn’t know, trust me, you don’t want to find out what the hell is going on in there.

If she asks you to get something out of her purse, do you know what to do?  It’s simple.
What he hell can she be carrying?!?!

You bring her the damn purse so she can grab whatever the hell it is.  Will she give you grief?  There’s a chance, but you’ll be grateful.

Now is there a time when it’s ok to go into the purse?  Yes.

If she’s on the floor, suffocating because she needs her inhaler, or having an immense allergic reaction and needs her EpiPen, that’s a different story.

Need a stick of gum, and just grab her bag?
You deserve to have a mousetrap snapped onto your fingers.

I hope men were aware of this rule ages ago.  The horror stories that can result in an uneducated guy in this situation would be just too tragic for a future blog.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Personally, this is a great time of year to be a sports fan.

The NY Giants won the Super Bowl, Major League Baseball is starting up again, the NJ Devils are in the hunt for the Stanley Cup, and the NJ Nets won a few games.  Three out of four isn’t bad, so like I said, I’m having a pretty good time being a sports fan.

Top it off, one of my favorite Yankees of all time (Andy Pettitte) is coming back to my team.  So it’s great.  Then, a major buzz kill happened.  

Peyton Manning, arguably one of the best NFL quarterbacks in 20 years, appears to be signing with the Denver Broncos.  So it APPEARS that the new kid on the block Tim Tebow, is out of a job despite, his insane run late last season.  

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a casual football fan.  So I’m not going to talk about stats, free agency, drafts…or anything of the sort.  I’ll just assume that the Broncos know what they’re doing, and leave it as is.

What I will react to however, is the Tim Tebow trash talking.  

I think it’s safe to say that people who are casual sports fans, to those who at least watch/listen to the news, know about Tim Tebow.

He is a devote catholic who volunteers his time, and prays in public.  A few weeks ago Tebow was in Las Vegas.  While other players visit clubs, and go to casinos, Tebow was speaking at an evangelical church to thousands of people.  
For some reason though, this really makes people mad, and causes a lot of people to hate Tim Tebow.  Many of my friends have been trash talking Tebow, and I just don’t get it.  To show you some of the remarks…here is what people have been saying on Twitter.

Ok so for some reason, the fact Tebow is religious and proud, is inadvertently frustrating a lot of people.  However, let’s look at the big picture.  

You have NFL players that…are dog killers, killed people via DUI, and rapists.  So why are people hating on Tebow so badly?  Are people so miserable, that they need to bring down anyone else if possible?  I just don’t understand the hatred.  

Now if you want to talk about him being a shitty quarterback…that’s one thing.  For those who hate him because he’s religious and finds inner peace through his religion…what the hell is wrong with that?

He volunteers his time, takes a moment to pray on the field, and doesn’t get in trouble.  Last I checked, isn’t that the kind of character kids should be learning from?

Instead…people will continue to hate on Tebow…and praise former convicts.  

I guess I never really truly understand everything about the NFL, or more importantly, stupid NFL fans. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


Some anniversaries are meant for celebration.
Meanwhile, some anniversaries are meant for a time of reflection and to remember what we once had.

Unfortunately, this anniversary relates to the latter of the two.

A man that was taken away from us way too early. 

He meant so much to so many people.  Unfortunately, he was more of an acquaintance to me than anything else.

People talked about how caring he was.
About how he made people laugh.
About how he made life better.

Me, I’ll remember him for how stupid I was.

I was always a little awkward when meeting people for the first time.  I saw him around the bar I visit frequently, but we didn’t really communicate more than a simple head nod when we passed each other.

I thought he may have been mad at me.  Did I do something to tick him off?  Which I’ve said a million times about people.

People told me, oh please, he’s a great guy.  You might have seen him on a bad day.

As clear as day, I remember thinking to myself, “Oh well, I’ll have time to talk to the guy another time.”  Only problem with that, time ran out.

I hold my friends and family very close to me.  I’ll always have their back when needed, and I’ll always step in the middle of a situation so they don’t hurt themselves. 

Sadly, I feel like an utter loser for not truly knowing what an amazing person I lost.  It’s something I’ll always carry with me, all because I was being ignorant. 

So because of which, I would like to post a Facebook comment, a friend posted about Christ Hoey.  I feel like it’s a beautiful statement, that says so much.  Also, by clicking on this message, it’ll play a song that this friend wrote, in his memory. 

After thinking it over, maybe I was wrong in my intro.

The way he touched so many people while he was alive, maybe we can celebrate this anniversary.

The celebration of an amazing person that we were all lucky to know. 

Even on just a casual basis.  R.I.P. Christ Hoey