Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you live in the tri-state area, it’s been a magical week.  A week that many of us have been waiting for for quite a while now.  For all others, let me explain. 


People are excited to be outside.
Others couldn’t get in their garden fast enough.
Me, I’m super stoked for the Major League Baseball season to start and watching spring training games.

I mentioned before how I’m a HUGE baseball fan.  I’ve had girlfriends dread the season, because they know my mind is totally lost in the baseball world.

What can I say?  I grew up around the game, and can’t get enough of it.  Which is why it’s sad to see how part of the game is played.

I’m not giving you an opinion.  I’m not quoting scientific studies.  I’m not telling you what I read on a website.

I’m telling you that parents/adults are coddling and ultimately pussifying the way kids play sports.

To make some extra side cash, I looked into becoming a little league umpire.  I expected some things to be the same such as field dimensions, annoying parents in the stands (argument for another day), and the fundamental rules of the game.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. 

Pitchers and catchers now have VERY strict pitch counts.  By very strict, I really mean INSANLEY STRICT pitch counts.

When I was a kid (can’t believe I just typed that) we were told two rules about throwing.  First…Playing catch / distance throwing helping build throwing strength.  Secondly…don’t throw curveballs or any breaking balls because it’ll mess up your elbow.

That’s it.  A few simple rules, plus hard practice, and we will have the proper throwing strength without becoming a mess.

Now, by the time kids are finished with warm-up throws, they have to shut it down.  Whatever happened to kids being kids?  Getting dirty…getting bumps and bruises…being sore because they’ve been outside from sun up to sun down?

I guess they'd rather see this.
So many people complain how kids are becoming out of shape, fat, and just flat out obese.  However, other people are so worried about getting in trouble for ignoring studies reported on the news, that they put limits on kids to cover their own asses!!!

Think I’m talking out of my ass?

Go to a local playground.  Does it resemble anything like the playgrounds way back when?  I bet you that in order to find monkey bars, carousels or anything that involves climbing, you’ll have to work really hard to find something. 

Can you remember a kid doing this?
All of those things were taken out in favor of plastic / crappy playground equipment. Meanwhile, adults aren’t getting in trouble, but kids are getting fatter and lazier.

Gotta love the way people use the system.  

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