Friday, March 16, 2012


A few weeks into unemployment, and I’ve realized an upside to being home.  It feels awesome not dealing with the negativity of the news and the headaches of the election season.

Think about it.  How much positivity do you hear about in the news?  I’ll tell you…Next to nothing!!!  As for the election season…it’s pretty much recycled stories that you’ve heard a million times before so something in on a 24-hour news network.

So it’s honestly, just nice for the soul not dealing with the same old stories day in and day out.  Since being unemployed; the biggest debate I’ve had to be involved in is what NHL game to watch.

Then, I found this picture on Facebook.

This is some of the stuff I mentioned in my opening.  I’m beyond fucking tired of people taking matters like this, and making it a dirty/ugly agenda.

I’ll tackle this in only two parts.  I say only two, because I can break this picture down and argue about it for years on end.

First things first…the racist aspect. 

Obviously this is a free country, and you’re allowed to give your opinion.  However that doesn’t mean people are narrow-minded idiots that need to grow the fuck up!!!

One of my favorite quotes ever is, “Can’t we all just, get along?”
Can't we all just get along?

Think about it.  Why the hell can’t we?

Why do people need to hate?  We’re not going to be on this world forever.  So why spend any time we have hating each other? 

Ok, I think I’m done with the whole hippie aspect of this rant.

Secondly…Why are people bouncing back and forth from being passionate about politics to ignorant about politics?

Look if you’re not a fan of Obama, and want to vote him out, no problem.  That’s your right as an American.  You can vote as you wish without any consequence.

However, why would you demean someone’s constitutional rights, just to get your way? Skin tone doesn’t impact on job performance. 

People want their party to win so badly, that they don’t care about the rights of others.  That people, is ignorance at its core.

Bottom line. 

It’s good to be passionate. 
It’s good to have beliefs.   
It’s not good when you feel like you’re better based on principle.

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