Monday, March 19, 2012


Some anniversaries are meant for celebration.
Meanwhile, some anniversaries are meant for a time of reflection and to remember what we once had.

Unfortunately, this anniversary relates to the latter of the two.

A man that was taken away from us way too early. 

He meant so much to so many people.  Unfortunately, he was more of an acquaintance to me than anything else.

People talked about how caring he was.
About how he made people laugh.
About how he made life better.

Me, I’ll remember him for how stupid I was.

I was always a little awkward when meeting people for the first time.  I saw him around the bar I visit frequently, but we didn’t really communicate more than a simple head nod when we passed each other.

I thought he may have been mad at me.  Did I do something to tick him off?  Which I’ve said a million times about people.

People told me, oh please, he’s a great guy.  You might have seen him on a bad day.

As clear as day, I remember thinking to myself, “Oh well, I’ll have time to talk to the guy another time.”  Only problem with that, time ran out.

I hold my friends and family very close to me.  I’ll always have their back when needed, and I’ll always step in the middle of a situation so they don’t hurt themselves. 

Sadly, I feel like an utter loser for not truly knowing what an amazing person I lost.  It’s something I’ll always carry with me, all because I was being ignorant. 

So because of which, I would like to post a Facebook comment, a friend posted about Christ Hoey.  I feel like it’s a beautiful statement, that says so much.  Also, by clicking on this message, it’ll play a song that this friend wrote, in his memory. 

After thinking it over, maybe I was wrong in my intro.

The way he touched so many people while he was alive, maybe we can celebrate this anniversary.

The celebration of an amazing person that we were all lucky to know. 

Even on just a casual basis.  R.I.P. Christ Hoey

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