Thursday, March 1, 2012


There were a lot of local news stories that I wanted to talk about.  A majority of which that infuriated me, and can all be tied together.

Due to being occupied with other responsibilities, I felt like it would be old news by now.  That is until I logged onto facebook this morning.

So let’s rewind a little. 

Whitney Houston.  For those who were a fan, I can understand being obsessed with all the coverage.  However, as much as it may hurt to admit, IT’S NOT REAL NEWS!  Again, that may seem like blasphemy, but it’s the harsh truth.  News outlets totally blew it up to be much bigger then it had to be.  Remember, those 24-hour news networks need to fill up space somehow.  So they go with whatever is the most appealing to people.  Hence, why local affiliates need to follow suit.

 From there, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got involved.

Since Whitney was a Newark, New Jersey girl, Governor Christie ordered flags to be at half-mast.  This totally set me off!

In reality, why do you think Governor Christie did this?

I’ll tell you why.  He used it as a promotional tool of how great and caring New Jersey is.  Nothing more…Nothing less.

This was a total joke if you consider just some of the other news stories going on that got VERY little coverage. 

“Danielle Orna, a 17 year-old-girl at Nutley New Jersey High School, and was president of the gay-straight alliance. It’s believed she committed suicide from bullying.“

Fast forward to about two weeks ago, Governor Christie also vetoed a bill that would allow gays/lesbians to marry in New Jersey. 

His reason for the veto…He wants the people of New Jersey to decide if they want to change the idea of ‘Marriage’.

Personally, I call that total bullshit.

It’s not for the states to decide who can marry who. Whatever happened to all Americans are created equal? 

Since day one, people have come to this country in order to get away from judicial ruling, and live their own free lives. 

Government can’t tell you what to do or not to do in a Church (or other holy place for that matter).  Yet here we are.  Christie dropped the ball, and could’ve made a huge step for the Garden State.

What if we turned the tides on Christie?  What if we wanted to vote on a ban that prohibited fat people from having kids?  Think about it.  Fat parents don’t live long due to health complications, and they are a bad influence for a young mind.  Wonder what Governor Christie would have to say about that?  It would be great if that could change his mind.

Which brings me to logging onto facebook today.

The goal is for 10,000 signatures.  At the time of this blog being written, it’s up to 3,010.  It literally takes under 60 seconds to sign the petition.

A person had a great post on the petition that made me smile.

“You don’t have to be gay to believe in gay rights”

It’s easy to fall into the ho hum feeling of “what can I do to change things”.

One vote…one signature…one voice…can add up to a lot. 

By the time it hits Trenton, one little stone thrown into the ocean, can eventually become a tsunami of voices.  


  1. I knew that girl Dani Orna, I am a lesbian. I loved her. GAY MARRIAGE SHOULD BE FUCKING LEGAL.

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  3. I was her next-door neighbor at 145. I believe that gay marriage should be ILLEGAL. It's just not natural.

    1. Here's my issue with making something, like “gay marriage”, illegal.
      We live in a free country. It was founded on the premise that government cannot restrict your personal life.
      Making “gay marriage” illegal is taking away civil liberty. The government shouldn't care who you marry.
      If the Church doesn't want to marry someone – that’s a different story. However, the government should just stay out of our personal lives.

  4. Hey, the news article you took that from was incorrect and used my Tumblr as a source. Danielle did not commit suicide. The website ignored my requests to remove it.