Monday, April 30, 2012


These Monday blogs are supposed to be a guideline on how boys should act like men.  Sometimes though, you just need to say fuck it, and throw what you know out the window.


Let me say this right off that bat.  I’m not talking about crying over a stubbed toe, you missed the new episode of CSI, or you can’t find your lucky hat.

Nope, I’m talking about crying because you’re just so happy.

Example…some of my best friends got married over the weekend.  Yours truly, broke down and cried/teared up about ten times.

Now if you have a problem with this, well, you can have a big tall glass of fuck off.

We have a lot of headaches and problems to deal with in this world.  If something amazing, like people in your life getting married make you happy, cry tears of joy all day long.

Jerks made me cry 10 times on Saturday.
I still love'em though

A birth…
A graduation…
Suddenly living independently…
Whatever it may be…

Stop to smell those roses.  If those roses happen to make you cry, get something for those allergies.

In the meantime, don’t be ashamed of crying over being so happy.  Enjoy the moment and embrace it for all it’s worth.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


A few years ago, to make some extra money, I got a job delivering pizzas.  It was a pretty good gig, and seemed pretty straightforward.  Not many curveballs were thrown at me, then a few weeks in, I remember the biggest breaking ball I’ve ever seen in my life. 

One day, I had to drop food off at a local school.  Not a public school.  Not a Catholic school.  This school, was tailored exclusively for students with Autism. 

I remember walking through the doors, and seeing the faces of several autistic kids.  These kids were walking though the hallways with teachers.  Each one needing special devices to help them walk. 

I’ll be honest.  It broke my heart, and was incredibly sad.  I knew about autism, but I was never really around anyone who had it. These kids should worry about watching scraped knees, Saturday morning cartoons and playtime.  Instead, they’re missing out on a life they’ll never truly know about. 

So when this viral video (below) talked about a dad with an autistic son who was bullied by his teachers, I felt for both of them.

People should really watch the video for the complete rundown, but here’s a quick summary.  A ten-year-old autistic boy was having notes sent home saying he was having violent outburst.  The boy’s father visited with the school’s therapist/counselor, since the boy never showed these behaviors before. Both realized something wasn’t adding up.  Due to his autism, the boy (Akian) wasn’t able to tell his dad what was going on at school.  So the father set up a wire on the boy, and had him record his day at the school.  His findings, to say the least, were astounding.

Let me say this much.  If anyone thinks the father was wrong, for setting up a hidden microphone on his son, get out.  Get out of your house, walk into the street and let oncoming traffic strike you dead.  Children don’t deserve to have horrendous/unthinkable acts happen to them.  It’s supposed to be the most beautiful/innocent time of their lives.  No one deserves to have that taken from them.  Frankly, a father needs to do whatever possible to defend their kids.  He just took the higher road.  Me, I would’ve had trouble beating the shit out of anyone who acted upon my kids the way this situation went down. 

Now this is where you really need to watch the video, but I really want to hit upon three aspects.

Right in front of children, the teacher/aides had a full out conversation about drinking too much wine, and throwing up because of it. Really?  I mean are you fucking serious?!?!  First off, maybe you shouldn’t be drinking so much, when you know you’ll be dealing with handicap children.  A very good friend of mine works in a day care.  I asked if she wanted to meet up just for coffee around 8pm.  Her response, “I’d love to but I can’t.  I need a full eight hours of sleep before dealing with a room full of 5 year olds”. 

That kids, is called being responsible.

As if that’s not enough, the teachers verbally hurt this young boy by making fun of him.  Now I haven’t attended a class in a long time, but between the internet and school, bullying is a big problem in America.  So what do these piece of shit teachers do? They essentially become the spokesperson for bullies everywhere.  These people actually made an autistic boy think that he’d never see his father again. It may already be the scummiest story you’ll hear of all 2012.  Again, you really need to watch the video (with the hidden audio) to really understand how bad everything occurred.

Finally, the faculty.  There’s no way to hide what happened.  Admitting your wrong, and that you made a mistake, is always the best way to go.  Unfortunately, this faculty is lacking human decency.    

So far, only the aide has been fired, and the teacher has been transferred to another school.  This is totally inexcusable, and what I believe to be the catalyst for Stuart Chaifetz (Akian’s father) to create a YouTube video.  The aide had no representation.  Which is why she was let go.  The school was able to easily wash their hands from her actions.  Teacher, not so much. 

She has tenure.  The teacher’s union is protecting her, over a child.  Now since this happened in my state, I’ve been able to get a good amount of info on this part.  In New Jersey, a law called ‘Danielle’s Law’ protects individuals with developmental disabilities from abuse and neglect.  Something that this teacher violated.  So essentially, this teacher broke a law, and will EVENTUALLY will be punished for her actions.

It’s another reason why Stuart started an online petition, to have this teacher, or any teacher that bullies students to be fired…

Bottom Line…

I truly believe this story will go on for a while.  No child should have to go through any unnecessary heartaches.  This story, just pulls on the heart strings that much more with a special education classroom being involved.  Top it off, many people (at least in New Jersey) would kill to have a position like this teacher does.  However, good teachers stay unemployed, while piece of shit teachers are being shuffled around.

This story won’t fade away, and it shouldn’t.

We need results to happen, and we need them now.

For Akian’s sake.  

Monday, April 23, 2012


We’re men. 

We don’t ask for directions, but we sure as shit need help shopping for a pair of tube socks.

Now there’s certain guidelines guys follow with clothes.

It’s okay to ask someone if your suit looks presentable before a job interview…There’s nothing wrong with wanting a second opinion when getting a tuxedo fitting…You can sure as shit have tons of Chuck Taylors in your closet, and it’s a-okay.
My testicles hurt just looking
at this picture

However, there’s one rule of clothing that should be an automatic for guys…


You know you’ve seen it, and you know your face has cringed.

It an effort to be trendy an standout from the pack, many guys have gone for the skinny/tight jean look. For some who may not have seen this attire, allow me to debrief the situation. 

Imagine guys wearing ridiculously tight denim jeans. So tight, you wo­­uld think someone painted the denim onto their legs!  Yup, that kind of skinny. 
Let's ignore the appearance aspect for just a moment. How the hell can a guy operate during the day in those jeans?!?
Zac Efron wears tight jeans.
I rest my case!

I would imagine that with every step you take in those things, guys would be crushing their junk. Yet, for whatever reason, they're able to ignore the pain. 

I’ve heard the saying that, ‘beauty is pain’, but is it really worth cutting the circulation to your man berries?

Bottom line…a crushed testicle…is something no man should have to deal worth.  Now a crushed testy due to jeans…you deserve a crushed testy…and a hole punched into your man card.