Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I never thought Facebook was the innocent/great company that everyone envisions.  With the way the social networking site shares information, I feel that Mark Zuckerberg is much bigger villain than what they make out of Julian Assange.  I also think that Assange should’ve received the 2010 ‘Time Person of the Year”, but that’s a story for a different day.

Facebook shares much of our personal information, but now they’ll be sharing our information for an apparent good cause. 

Users in the United States & United Kingdom will be able to share their organ donor status to spread awareness. Users will be able to list on their ‘about me’ section, as well as within their timeline.

 Zuckerberg talked about having many outlets of inspiration for the organ donor status. 
-       His girlfriend is in medical school and talked about sick kids who would instantly got better with new organs.
-       The recent natural disasters in Japan that left so many people needing medical attention.
-       Talking with his late friend Steve Jobs about his liver transplant.

Now of course there’s much more to the details of this story, but this is all we have so far.  So this will only get bigger and deeper into detail. 

Now people who are anti Facebook, or business types, think they’re only doing this for good publicity.  With the company getting ready to file for an IPO (being publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange), this will just make them look like heroes. 

Know what, that could possibly be true, but let’s look at the bottom line.

Roughly 900 million users are on Facebook.
About 114,000 people are in need of some sort of transplant in the United States alone.

So if some people stopped being a hater for just one minute, and do the math, they’d realize that this has two possibilities. Facebook will be able to spread awareness and can possibly help people who are in need of organs to survive. 

Bottom line, if this helps 500…100….50…5 people…it’s worth it.

Let Facebook get all the publicity it is trying to acquire.  If just a few people are able to live longer, and have a much better life, then it’s worth it. 

Human life is worth all the publicity that’s out there.

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