Thursday, June 7, 2012


It might be cheesy to admit this (okay, a lot cheesy), but I felt a great nostalgic feeling with yesterday’s Google doodle. 

For anyone who may have missed it, here is the video. 

It was the 79th anniversary of the first drive-in movie theater, and to be honest, it was a pretty cool doodle/movie.

Now as a product of the 80’s, I didn’t technically “grow up” with having a drive-in located in my back yard.  Luckily, I was able to visit one once my friends and I got our drivers licenses.

There’s very few things I know about Warwick, New York.  The only two things that matter though, it’s about an hour's drive for me, and they have a kick ass drive-in movie theater!

What’s not to love about it?!?!
$9 for two movies, cheap concession stands and enjoying some nostalgia Americana with your friends!!!

I don’t remember the first movies I watched at Warwick.  To be honest, I was so thrilled with the atmosphere, that I was kind of in awe.  To me, drive-ins represent a great time when our parents were kids, and it was as American as apple pie.

Since my first visit, I always try to go up there in a large SUV or pick-up.  To be able to just pull into a parking space, and chill out in the back of a truck with your friends is just amazing.

It’s great for the family, and it’s great to just go with your friends.   

Now this isn’t a sponsored blog by any means. I’ve told my friends about the nearest drive-in, and I wanted to share it here.  

…See if you can check out a neighboring drive-in.  You’ll be amazing what a fantastic time you can have.  Especially when you’re not paying much for snacks!!!

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