Monday, July 16, 2012


There’s one aspect of this country I wish I could change in an instant.  Unlike other cultures, many Americans simply don’t respect their elders.  I’m not saying everyone does, but let’s be honest, a majority don’t.

An old lady needs her lawn mowed…many figure she’ll hire a lawn care service.  (With the little money she’s making on Social Security)

Your elderly neighbor is having trouble with stairs…maybe someone will come up with an excuse like they didn’t see the person needing help.

A grandfather just wants to have a conversation…but most simply don’t have the time.

Some though take hatred and prejudice to a whole new level.  To top it off, they feel the need to brag about it.

Three little fuckers, Nicholas Ayala 17, Anthony Malcolm 18 and Malik Jones 16, are being charged with first degree murder of a 62-year-old man, Delfino Mora.

Mora was collecting cans on Chicago’s North Side on Tuesday.  The father of 12, and grandfather of 23, was going on his route to collect cans (that he sells later for money).  He was doing what he could to make ends meet due to being disabled from a work related injury. 

These three pieces of shit, all involved in gangs, took turns beating Mora and filming it on Jones’ phone.  At some point after, Jones decided to post the cruel beating on his Facebook page.  The footage helped cops arrest all of the killers involved in the video.

Not much good will come of this story, but luckily, it looks like they’ll all be charged as adults for first degree murder.

So where to go from here?

Are these little snot nosed kids pieces of shit?  Well, obviously.
Do they need to get their asses kicked and put in their place if they want to be bad asses?  In some way yes.

Personally, I suggest letting a few of Mora’s many family members beat the living shit out these kids, like they did to their dad/grandfather. 

They think they’re such bad asses…
They think they don’t have to obey the laws or their parents…
Just give them a day with Mora’s family getting their asses handed to them…

They’ll be crying for their mommy’s before you know it.

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  1. The hope would be not to be crying for their hooker, crack head mommy's but to have them picked up by the morning trash collection or the county morgue.