Wednesday, July 18, 2012


ME: When are the Summer Olympics going to start?
BUDDY: Start! The damn thing is almost over!
ME: Oh, well isn’t that lovely.

­From the conversation I had with my friend, I obviously don’t know much of what’s going on in the Olympics.  Mostly because NBC won’t let any other non-NBC entities show highlights of the London Olympics. (Smart move assholes)

So what do I know about with the Olympics?  It’s not the medal count, not what records have been broken, but with the uproar of fashion sense.  I feel like I should have a hole punched in my man card for that fact.

Turns out that Ralph Lauren produced the uniforms, made for the U.S. teams, in China.  This created a hot topic for national news outlets and gave an opportunity for other apparel companies to speak out.

I look at this in two different aspects…
1-  I understand that Ralph Lauren produces garments in China to save money.  It’s their right to produce a product wherever they so choose. Even though I wish they would produce items here in America.
2-  Who the hell cares, because let’s be honest, the uniforms are just flat out UGLY!!!  I looked at the pictures and cringed. It looks like the attire you’ll see at a prep school.  Hell, this is America.  How about we show people wearing clothes that made this country.  I’d want to wear American made Chuck Taylors, Levi jeans & good worn in baseball cap.

Government officials in Washington are chiming into the debate.  Really, all they are doing is stirring a pot that no one cares about what’s inside. 

Meanwhile, you have Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wanting to avoid the conversation.   He thinks it’s taking away from the athletes.  Which is kind of true, if people even know the Olympics are going on.  However, many say he doesn’t want people to remember the fact he outsourced 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic clothing for the torchbearer uniforms he commissioned.

American Apparel has stepped up saying they’d be more than happy to produce American garments and to have them in London in seven days. 

Ralph Lauren released a statement saying they promise to amp up more American made garments in light of the recent events.

In reality.  This is not the biggest problem that Americans are facing.  Yes, it would be nice to see American made products being represented in the Olympics.  Honestly, the ugly ass uniforms should be a bigger topic of discussion. 

So in the long run, remember…
1-  It’s always nice to wear American made products whenever possible.
2-  Don’t dress like a douche. 

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