Monday, August 13, 2012


So, the teams have been chosen, and it’s time to get dirty.

I’m not talking about Fantasy Football.  I am however talking about the presidential race. 

Now I try to not, talk about any type of political propaganda here (which I fail at every now and again).  However I just need to spot light this race.

Not any particular party.
Not any particular person.
Just the whole damn race!

Look at it this way…

Barack Obama (D) = First President who’s African-American

Mitt Romney (R) = A Mormon presidential candidate, who by the way picked a very young running mate.

Gary Johnson (L) = A man who helped bring Libertarian ideas to mainstream America.

Jill Stein (G) = A female candidate who’s making her mark that a third party vote, is not a wasted vote.

* Ron Paul (R) = The old man was laughed at and wasn’t given much attention.  Yet, Dr. Paul hung in much longer than anyone expected.  Oh, yeah, he also inspired a whole generation on the small government movement. 

Now, what’s the best part of this race?

No one is blinking twice at this! 
People aren’t looking at race or religion.

Americans are looking at one thing; people to run this country to the best of his/her abilities!

Hopefully this can truly grow. 
Hopefully by the time I have kids, I hope certain things like sexual preference, or status in a society/party aren’t an issue.

Here’s to the future, and may the best person win.

Oh yeah…by the way…AMERICA…FUCK YEAH!!!

* = I’m adding Dr. Paul in for the sake of a third party candidate and how he lasted in the GOP race.  Don’t like it?  Well tough shit.

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