Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I had a lot of fun yesterday with my ‘DAMN KIDS AND THEIR COMIC BOOK COLLECTING WAYS’ blog.  So I figured, what the hell, and try to make a fun week of comic blogging.

Today I want to talk about the inner workings of comics that has come to annoy myself, and thousands upon thousands of other comic book fans.  It’s a simple request,  but I’d love to simply know, what the hell happened to consistency?!?

Even they're old enough to say, "WTF!"

Now I’m not going to highlight every single comic book publishing company, nor will I mention every title.  There’s just way too many now a days, and I’d pull my hair out trying to keep track of everything I read.

However, I’d like to highlight one title, from one big name publisher. 

I don’t think there’s been a consistent story line in an X-Men comic since MAYBE the 80’s.  In general, Marvel would rather shit on consistency than pay it any respect.  It’s so bad that I wish they’d have a meeting to fix the problem.  It’s getting way out of hand.

Now before I get any fan boy haters, let me make something clear.  My collection is about 98% of marvel comics.  So if anything, I have a right to speak the truth.  Also, I do read DC and various other comics from other publishers, but those are my trades, not comics.

The good ol days.

Okay back to X-Men.  I  can’t think of a brand that wants me to slam my head against a wall more than X-Men.  The consistency, or lack there of, hurts my soul. 

For example.  Wolverine (just like Batman) seems to be in every single X-issue and every time.  So between his own solo title, you can probably find him in a minimum of 5-7 books a month, and I think I’m being way too generous with that range. 

Way back when if you had Wolverine in one book visiting outer space, you’d have Kitty Pride in New York saying something along the lines off, “I wish Wolverine was here to help us.”

Now a days, you’ll easily find Wolverine in both outer space and fighting a gang of mutants somewhere on earth.  Unfortunately, that’s just one example which really makes it upsetting. 

Me too Spidey.  Me too.
I can also go on and on about how story lines and consequences don’t play a role.  Outside of ‘M-day’ aka ‘House of M’ storyline, nothing seems to have any real lasting effect.  Instead of going into that though, I want to touch upon one other title.  A title that Marvel’s Joe Quesada seemed to want to destroy single handedly. 

Quesada went on the record many times saying how he hated having Spider-Man married.  Also, I couldn’t find the quote, but apparently he’s said how consistency isn’t important what-so-ever in comics.  Yup, he’s a dick.

So to fix a married Spider-Man, he thought it would be great to, erase the marriage with the story line, ‘One More Day’.  Surprise surprise…people fucking hated it, and starting dropping the title (myself included).

Now remember I’m not bashing Marvel here.  Yes, I may insanely hate Joe Quesada, but not Marvel.  It’s what I know best, which is why I’m talking about it.

Fans want to be loyal. 
Fans get attached to storylines.
Fans feel for the actions characters must decide upon.

One thing fans don’t want…is to be disrespected by the editors who oversea these projects. 

It’s their job, as the captain of the ship, to make sure there’s a flow to comic books.  To make sure that, well, the people who read them aren’t going to say, “What the fuck is wrong with these people?”

Simply put.  Editors need to give fans credit, and fix the problems they’re causing before anymore titles are dropped. 

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