Friday, September 14, 2012


I want to put something into perspective.

So humor me if you will…and let me tell you the legal things you can do as a 21 year-old adult in America.

- Drive a car
- Drink alcohol
- Smoke cigars or cigarettes
- Gamble at a casino
- Buy lotto tickets
Words of Wisdom
    - Don’t need a co-signer for big ticket items (pending credit check)
- Serve your county in war
- See an R-rated movie
- Teach someone to drive a car
- Adopt a child
- Become a scoutmaster
- Change your name
- Get a tattoo
- Get a piercing
- Get/be sued
- Get married
- Get divorced
- Go on Jerry Springer
- Skydive
- Get a loan
- Get Insurance
- Legally sign something
- Get a cell/smart phone
- Go to adult jail
- Work full time
- Become a stripper
- Go see a stripper
He'll understand one day
     - Vote
- Enter a contest
- Carry a weapon (with proper license)
- Bungee jumping
- Lease/rent/buy your own place
- Work pretty much anywhere
- Start a 401(K) plan
- Pay taxes

Now, let me tell you something you can’t do. 

Soon…You can’t buy a soda or other excessively sugary beverage over 16 ounces in a New York City restaurant.

Yup, let’s thank Mayor Bloomberg for infringing on our rights and individual freedom more than any other mayor in the ‘War Against Obesity’.   

In case the sarcasm isn’t pouring through your computer…let me be blunt.

Bloomberg is an utter putz for this.

If your restaurant is caught selling over 16 ounces of soda…they will be fined $200!!! A soft-drink sponsored group says they already have more than 250,000 signatures to petition against the plan.

My mother told me once that I couldn’t drink too much soda for a meal.  I believe I was nine at the time. Unless Bloomberg is doing some cross dressing on the weekends…he better stop playing the role of mommy dearest and nock it off with the big government bull shit! 


  1. This simply comes down to money. There are no restrictions on how many, less than 20oz sodas one can purchase. -- I'm not going get into too much detail, but the cost vs quantity of larger size soft drinks to smaller sizes is disproportional. For a few extra cents, you could purchase a larger quantity of soda.

    12oz of cola = $1.00
    24oz of cola = $1.35

    With Bloomber's new law, the consumer would have to spend 65cents more for the same quantity.

    Want to fight a "War Against Obesity" ??
    Increase public awareness of the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

    Side note: When's the "War against People who think they know what's best for me"

    1. I'm going to tackle your response in reverse.

      Thanks for the awesome side note. I literally laughed out loud at it. Anyone who forces what they see as a “good way of living” onto anyone…doesn’t give a damn about a free society.

      Terms of obesity you hinted at...knowledge is power. Most people know that soda isn’t exactly a healthy drink to indulge in though. However, if they want to drink a soda, regardless of size/cost, they should be able to. It’s their hard earn money…They already know the nutritional value of soda…So let them do what they want.

      I hate soda with a passion. Even as a kid. That being said…In the society we live in though…people should be able to sell/drink a cup…regardless of size.