Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Like most people…I love my hobbies.
Like any other person…my wallet has limits.
Which brings me to the third blog of this comic book week.


If only.
When I got really into comics, they cost $1.25.  Not a bad price for a little kid.  Since then though; it’s a different story.  The price has climbed…

$1.50… $1.99$2.25$2.99$3.99… and sometimes $4.99

What’s really sad, is the price comparison before that.  Comic cover prices over the years cost…

$0.60 …$.075 … $1.00

So to make matters worse; if a book comes out twice a month and costs $4.99, you’re spending over $10 if your local comic book shop are pricks enough to charge you tax!

Publishers have attributed the rise in cost to a variable of reasons; high quality paper, high quality colors, high quality ink and the rise in cost to have workers create the book.

Keep on savin' up kid!
To that I institute shenanigans on these publishers!!!

First off, lets point out the obvious.  Yes, the cost have having people work on books has gone up.  I don’t want people to be gipped out of a career, or even worse, get laid off.  However, books don’t need the quality of materials that are currently being used! If you can knock a buck off of a cover price because you lowered the material quality in some way, guess what, PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THAT!!!

Secondly, adds still show up within the comic and on the back cover most times.  We know you’re not doing that out of the goodness of your heart Mr. or Mrs. Publisher.  So again, you’re just milking the comic prices for as much as you can. 

Finally, publishers don’t need to lie to us.  Just be honest and say that you want to make more money off of us! Hell, I’d respect you for that than the dribble you’re using as an explanation now. 

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