Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last day of my comic book blog week.  I have to say, it’s been fun.  There’s a certain thrill in writing about something you care about.  Yes, I’ve had highs and lows with my comic habit, but don’t we all feel that way about something now and again?

Then suddenly I hit a wall.  Not in looking for comics, but to finish the blog week.  Then I came across this article on ‘Comic Intervention’.  
It’s about a guy owning 30,000 comics and having to sell part of his collection.  Then I realized how to end the blog week. 

Was it about auctioning his books?  Nope.
Was it how to get on a stupid reality television show? Hell no.

It was the fact I asked myself, “I wonder what he has in those boxes besides Marvel & DC?”

Pick a hero...any hero
More often than not, it’s a big name character like Spider-man or Batman that gets people into comics.  However, it’s that great…fantastic…and utterly brilliant independent comic that keeps you going.

Independent / no name titles are truly a diamond in the rough.   Think of it as an underground band that not everyone has heard of yet.

It’s like your own little secret of awesomeness.  You don’t have to like it because someone says you should.  Nope, it’s whatever makes you happy.

For example, I became huge fans of the comics ‘Y the Last Man’ & ‘The Walking Dead’ before they became popular.  Both are very enjoyable, but most importantly, these stories are driven by excellent story telling.

Art is great and all, but It’s fantastic storytelling that keeps me going on a title.  And you know what?  That’s okay!
TPB's at their best

It doesn’t matter if you pick up the individual comics or the trade paperback (TPB).  Frankly, it doesn’t really matter as long as you expose yourself to this unique genre. 

Remember, independent comics follow their own rules.  Due to which, the sky’s the limit on what may show up on the pages.

I’m not sure you can call it an independent comic because of its already established popularity, but I LOVE the Ghostbusters comics!  Released by the publisher IDW; the Ghostbuster monthly series is something I look forward to in my pull box.  It’s just great fun that exists in its own world. 

No one is looking to argue with me.
I don’t have to compare it to any other superhero book.
All I have to do is sit back…smile…and enjoy 32 pages of bliss.

They're ready to believe you!
You may not know where to look.
You may not know what’s up your ally.
If you’re confused/unsure; that’s totally okay.

Give independent books a chance though.  That's one thing about TBP's that's so great.  For a cheap price you can read a collection of books to see if you like them or not.  

You never know what kind of undiscovered writer/artist you’ll find.  They can be the next big thing.  Then you can be that person saying, “You may not have heard or seen this, but you gotta give this book a try!”

Till then, look into the independent scene, and find your 32 pages of bliss.  

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