Monday, October 1, 2012


After doing my week of comic blogs, I heard about the second annual Asbury Park Comic Convention.  It seemed like a total win.  It’s not that far of a drive, sounded like a small personal venue, and I might be able to find some really inexpensive items with an even cheaper admission fee. 

I’ve been to smaller conventions (cons) that were located in a church basement or auditorium.  However a bowling alley was a first for me.  

My friends and I left early in the morning to check it out, but it was nice knowing I could get a beer whenever I wanted one.  Besides that though, I wasn’t sure what to honestly expect between the crowd and exhibitors. 

 I was just going on an assumption and hope of having a good time.  Then I had a gut feeling that this was going to be fun. 

 While waiting to enter the bowling alley, the conversations I had with total strangers consisted of the best ways to mix alcohol, to how awesome my Teenage Mutant Ghost Busters shit was.  Then, the second I finished my giant iced coffee, they let us in.

 After a mad dash to the bathroom from drinking a big gulp sized iced coffee, I hit the floor.

 Everybody was super nice, helpful and overall just great to do business with. The items I picked up were...

A good chunk of Frank Miller's Daredevil run, Daredevil: Reborn hardcover & Ghostbusters Minimates
   Courtesy of The Comic Book Shop @

An original piece of Mirage Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artwork.  BTW – If anyone could tell me which issue it’s from that would just make you awesome!!!
Courtesy of Gary Fields @

The Wonder City Vol.1 trade paperback
Courtesy of ‘The Wonder City’ @

Vector style cinema Daredevil poster
 Courtesy of Artist Jason Quinones @


Crowd: 8
-       Extremely bearable.  In no way did I feel like a sardine stuck in a can.  More importantly – it didn’t have that hot B/O smell you usually get from big crowds.

Staff: 9
-       Very helpful and kind.  I didn’t see them too often (due to the fact my head was buried in long boxes).  When I did though, they were either laughing with guests, or helping them find something.

Size of Con: 5
-       It was a nice small crowd, which honestly, is the main reason I wanted to visit.  I just wish they had one or two more vendors/stores there selling comics.  Otherwise – no complaints

Vendor quality: 9
-       Nice assortment of Indy comics, mainstream, toys, artwork, guests & just random/surprising good stuff.

Getting in/out: 9
-       Easy to get there from the Garden State Parkway.  Had no trouble getting in and out of the place.  FYI – as a visitor there’s no reason for us or anyone to pay for the $10 parking.  After two or three hours you’re just about done with the place.

Atmosphere: 10
-       Simply put, this was pretty bad ass.  It was in an old school bowling alley, and fits the backdrop of Asbury Park perfectly.  As I said earlier it was a different change of pace, and just unique.  

-       Admission was $7 and I was there for probably 2 ½ hours.  Way I see it; much cheaper than a movie, and the same amount of fun.  I spent my con budget spread out around 1 ½ hours, and still had fun walking/talking with people.  An overall great experience.  Again, the only critique I can say is that I wish they had more comic store vendors, and that I didn’t pay for a full day’s worth of parking. 

So when the third annual Asbury Park Comic Con comes around…make sure to get your tickets and expect to buy a lot of cool stuff.

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