Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ever see a television show promo and just cringe at the premise?  It’s pretty easy nowadays In the world of reality TV and "entertainment news".

The hilarity of some shows is off the charts. I don't watch TV often, but when I do, I see some real train wrecks. 

Soon as I saw a particular show promo, I grunted in disgust at it.

That show is "Collection Intervention". 

The premise of the show is as follows...

“Collection Intervention follows Elyse Luray, former Head of the Collectibles Department at Christie's, as she helps couples, families and individuals whose pop-culture memorabilia collections – from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica to Catwoman and Barbie – have become damaging obsessions, creating financial strife and a huge strain on their lives. 

Elyse will create a strategy that helps these collectors curate and showcase their collection by assessing where the true value lies and then allow them to decide what's worth keeping and what they can sell. 

These massive collections include dining rooms stuffed with 30,000 comic books, a garage filled to the rafters with Catwoman memorabilia, and an almost uninhabitable house filled with Transformers. 

For each collector, parting with some of their collection may free up some much needed space in their home, provide cash windfall to get out of debt, or even just allow a  couple to become more focused on their relationship.

Watch what happens when seemingly harmless collections become uncontrollable obsessions!”

- Via Show website

Now yes, the majority, if not all of reality television has writers, and is staged (Oh say it ain't so).  Mix that in with the trickery of video editing, and well, stories can be easily twisted. 

That being said, I'd like to call shenanigans on "Collection Intervention". You hear me?


Mario enjoying NY Comic Con
On the season finale of the show’s first season, the spotlight was on DC inker Marlo Alquiza.  

When the show first approached him about being on, he was told it was called "Master Collector".  A very different title and emphasis on the show. 

They twisted his hobby/life into a problem that needs to be cured.


Mario wrote to the show saying...

“Hey guys! I didn’t even know this aired already! LOL! Oh man! You don’t know me… You don’t know me! So embarrassing! I don’t even get SyFy, so I’ll have to get a copy somewhere!
Let’s just say when I was approached, the show was called Master Collectors… after the shoot, I find out it’s gonna be called Collection Intervention! WTF!

Then there’s all the crap they made us do. My wife was still jet lagged from coming home the day before from the Philippines, so she was not happy! My left foot was injured which is why I’m now in a cast, but they didn’t care. It was 3 days of hell! Oh boy!”

- Via: www.BleedingCool.com

So mix his innocence/unawareness with some simple voice over editing, and you can tell whatever story you want. 

As a news producer, I understand some of the battles and problems that these show producers must be facing. Since their jobs are temporarily based, more are worried about putting food on the table and how they'll pay upcoming bills. 

Some great sculptures in Mario's collection
I understand a producers problems, but whatever happened to credibility and integrity?!?!?! 

My father is a carpenter, and took me on side jobs the day after I turned thirteen.  He taught me that I should care about anything that has my name attached to it.  For the simple reason that the end result shows your work ethic and the type of person you truly are.

Unfortunately for some, it’s easier to turn a blind eye instead of just giving a damn. 

I do my f’n best day in and out to produce the best TV news possible.  It’s just one reason why I have no trouble saying, “Go fuck yourself Collection Intervention.”