Monday, December 10, 2012

First Ever 'TOYS ON THE HUDSON' Show Review

I'm a geeky toy collector, and to have toys of your own characters is unbelievably cool
     ~Craig McCracken 

There’s now way to put it.  Since the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, the New York / New Jersey area has seen better days.

The storm wasn’t a secluded catastrophe.  The widespread damage you saw on TV was, well, truly widespread.  If you didn’t lose power or your town wasn’t terribly hit, you know someone who was affected in some way.

Just so much damaged was caused…in such little time.

As days went on we saw the horror on television and the pictures posted online.  The sadness was just overwhelming. 

Thanksgiving felt a little bit more important this year than in previous years. We truly needed to be thankful for what we did have. The time of reflection was much needed, but I’ll admit to being greedy.  I needed something a little more.  Something to smile at.  Something fun.  Something that would make me forget about all the sadness for just a little while.

Bring in, ‘Toys on the Hudson’.

You might recall a blog I did a few months back about the ‘Wayne Toy and Collectibles’ show.  Well this is organized by the same guys, but taken up a notch.

Here’s my YouTube video so you can truly see all the fun of the show…

I’d like to break the show down a little more though. 

            You really get  a full out family vibe from this show.  It’s a great way to teach kids how to be collector or to just let their curiosity wander.  I’d certainly bring my kid to this show (If I had one that is).
            With all of these families you have a lot of happy go lucky people walking around.  No one is causing a problem.  No one is cursing you out for bumping into them.  Best of all, people are just overall happy and laughing.  The only way it could’ve been better is if someone brought in a pet unicorn that pooped out candy.

            As I mentioned, it’s the same guys from the previous show, and it’s the same great people running this one.  All of them were constantly running around either helping vendors get to their location, or guests find a particular table or item.
As for the vendors…same thing.  Really nice people with great prices. I didn’t buy that much, but when I did, I had trouble bargaining.  Don’t get the wrong idea.  I’m great at haggeling, but the prices were such a great deal that shooting out another number would be a real douchebag move.
One thing I want to just mention is this older couple who sold mostly vintage Disney merchandise.  They were just the sweetest thing and they helped me with a great Christmas gift for someone that loves Disney.  Not to sound like a mush…but it was the cutest thing seeing these two.  I wanted to give them a hug for simply being so awesome.

            The saying is true.  Size really does matter.  If every show could be the same size as ‘Toys on the Hudson’, I’d truly be a happy man.  At best, I would describe it as medium size.  You never felt as if you were jam packed into a small space, or overwhelmed by a crowd.  It’s one of the main reasons I plan on going back to this show.

            For a medium size venue…They sure packed in an array of items.  You had Disney collectibles from the 30’s, you had recently sold out items at Toys ‘R’ Us, custom art, celebrity signing and so much more.  If nothing at this show interested you…I suggest getting your eyes checked.            

            It’s usually pretty easy to get in and out of Jersey City.  It’s only a pain when the Holland Tunnel is extremely backed up, and at most, it’s more of an annoyance.  Sandy though made it a bitch.  The PATH train was still shut down at the time.  So I had to drive in.  I feel like it’s worth pointing out that SIRI took me to the wrong address.  F’n bitch!

            I swear to you…I’m in no way related to the guys that run the show, nor am I paid for any blog that I’ve ever written. 
            I’m letting you know that because when I talk about their toy shows, it’s on par with a little kid going to Disney World for the first time.
            That being said…may god have mercy on your soul for not visiting ‘Toys on the Hudson’.  This might be a little extreme, but I’m trying to emphasis my point here. 
            Fuck the hastle of ebay.  Part of collecting is the adventure of finding a particular item…the knowledge you gain from fellow collectors…the sense of accomplishment when you finally find what you’re looking for. 
            If you happen to live in the New York / New Jersey area…check this show out.  I promise that you'll have an amazing time, and great memories.