Monday, January 14, 2013


Broadcasting beautiful views 24 hours a day: you're tuned to the Scenery Channel.
            ~ Television Announcer in “Back to the Future II”

The first thing you see when you walk into my apartment, are all the DVDs, Blu-Rays, & video games on the shelf.  I’m really happy with the variety of everything. 

There’s old NES games…right next to PS3 games.
You’ll find VHS tapes…not far from Blu-Rays.
And as crazy as it may sound…I have a few doubles of my favorite movies. 

One of which, is the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. 

It’s one of the first movies I can truly remember seeing in the theater, and one of my all-time personal favorites.  This blog isn’t about how great ‘Back to the Future’ is, or why you should or shouldn’t like it.  Nope, instead, we’re here to talk about hoverboards.

Mattel created a prop replica of the hoverboard Marty McFly used in ‘Back to the Future II’. Exclusives, come with a mini version of the board.  Think of it as a hoverboard for an action figure.  They’re all over sites like ebay, and you may be able to find this in collectible stores. 

As I stated before, I’m a huge fan of this franchise. 
This board though, not so much.

Here are some of the facts on the board.

     - It’s a 1:1 scale model of what's used in the movie
     - The dimensions are around 28” x 8” x 3”
     - “Assured” by Mattel to glide over most level surfaces
     - Sound taken directly from the movie
     - Exclusive orders get a 6” action figure of the board
     - Special display stand included
     - The Mattel retail price was $120 (sold out)

I was super stoked when I brought the board home, but the second I was ready to open it, I noticed problems.

The box design is really nice.  It would’ve been cool if it said something like ‘doesn’t work on water’, but damn, it’s really cool.  The problem though, you have to cut/rip the fucking thing in order to open it.  ‘Hot Toys’ has a great look to their boxed toys, and it’s extremely practical.  Pretty much, all you need to do is slide the box open to get inside of it.  That’s it!!!  Would’ve been nice if this had the same design.

I went through the box a few times.  Something looked wrong.  Then I realized the handlebars weren’t there.  I assumed their must have been a mistake while getting packaged.  Then I found out it’s not supposed to be included. 

So get this.

The board has a notch for the handlebars, but (and it’s a big but), the bars aren’t included!  To that, I simply say, what the fuck.

I don’t have any beef with the top design for the board.  I expected stickers for the colors.  So I was cool with it.  The velcro strap on the back of the board doesn’t bother me.  It wasn’t in the movie, but it’s cool how it pivots.

The side of my board is my biggest issue in terms of appearance.

It’s a sticker of lights on the side.  Why the hell couldn’t we have real LEDs going all around?  It would’ve been a fantastic addition, and honestly, would’ve pleased  A LOT of fans.

I’m also okay with the design of the bottom side of the board.  No problems with that at all.

Now on the bottom of the board, in the middle, is the sound box for sound effects.  They only take a few AA-batteries which is easy to throw in, but explain to me this, WHY THE FUCK DOESN’T IT HAVE AN ON/OFF SWITCH?!?!?!  So if you leave the batteries in, it can make a sound when you don’t want it to.  I, on the other hand, refuse to leave the batteries in the box.  Not because of the sound, which is only part of the reason, but I don’t want any kind of corrosion over time.

As for how the board glides, I haven’t tried.  I don’t have carpets in my place, and from what I hear, the board will get scratched real bad on hardwood floors.  I wouldn’t want to try though even if I did.  I’d be super pissed if I scratched it.  The stand though, got me super pissed anyways.  Took forever to get the damn thing positioned correctly to keep the board up. 

Think I’m being too rough on the design of the hoverboard?  Well first off, please go fuck yourself, and two, even the creator of ‘Back to the future’ isn’t happy with it!

Writer Bob Gale released this statement in regards to Mattel’s replica prop flop…

“I put myself out there to promote this, so now I want to publicly stand here with egg on my face and apologize. This product, at this price, falls short of the top notch standards that you and I have come to expect for something that carries the Back To The Future brand. To those of you who bought one because of my endorsement and are upset with the product, I’m very, very sorry. Please accept my apology. I share your disappointment, and you have permission to put my photo on a dart board and throw sharp objects at it.”

Bottom line.  The board is a HUGE disappointment.  I want to like it.  I truly do, but I just can’t.  I probably would’ve enjoyed just having the 6” action figure board.  Hell, would’ve saved a lot of money if I did!

I thought we’d have to wait till 2015 for a hoverboard.  Instead, we got this.  Hopefully in the next few years, we’ll get a quality hoverboard.  If it can work on water…even better!


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