Wednesday, March 6, 2013


“At the same time, as you know, unless you are a comic book reader, Daredevil is not a known thing.”
         ~ Avi Arad

It’s a shame.  For the first 20 or so years, the Marvel Character Daredevil was never utilized properly. You can easily argue several different reasons why that’s the case, and chances are, they’ll all be valid in their own way. 

How I would caption this old Daredevil panel.
Personally, and I feel that this shows how tough writing can be, was the C-toD-list of villains that Matt Murdock was up against. 

Look at the first dozen issues of Daredevil. 

We’ll take away Electro and Ox since they’re in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, and of course, Sub-Mariner for obvious reasons.  Know who are the two biggest villains are for Daredevil?

The answer…The Owl and Stilt-Man. 

Outside of the fact that The Owl somewhat looks like an owl, and that Stilt-Man uses giant hydraulic metal legs, even veteran comic book readers can’t tell you much more about them. 

Daredevil had a lot of problems out of the gate.

Personally, I felt like they were constantly going for a Spider-Man lite.  Hell, even in current comic books, I get that feeling when Daredevil swings around the city.

So why did people slowly start loving Daredevil?

Frank Miller Daredevil.  Doesn't get
much better than this.
The better question to ask is not why, but who.

Frank Miller didn’t necessarily change the character.  Instead, he just expanded upon the early life of Matt Murdock.  Also, he specifically added the characters religion, which was a taboo statement, even by today’s standards.  Mix that in with the darker genre of film noir that people aren’t aware of much anymore, and you see why many consider Miller to be a genius.

Many consider Miller’s work on Daredevil to be utterly brilliant, by epic proportions.  The only one that you can compete with Miller is the writing of Brian Michael Bendis. 

Again, a brilliant series in which many consider to be Bendis’ best work.  It was a dark and gritty world in which Daredevil was mentally tested to the extreme. 

Do yourself a favor and
pick up the first volume
of Mark Waid's Daredevil.
With so many years of dark yet amazing stories, you’d think Daredevil would be seen in a whole new light.  Well, you’d be wrong.  Instead, Daredevil is looked at as the Marvel answer for Batman. 


It’s so frustrating that no one will give the devil his due (Sorry for the pun).  Why do people have to compare Daredevil to anyone else?  I can understand a comparison between him and Barbra Gordon, but that’s it. 

This would be a good time to explain why I even enjoy reading Daredevil so much.

How many times have you felt lazy, and put something off?  If you say, “That’s never happened to me”, you’re full of shit.

I hurt my foot recently and haven’t been running like I should.  Matt Murdock went blind, and had the balls to fight adversity, and accomplish his lifelong goal of becoming a lawyer and helping others.

A great fan piece of a big moment in Daredevil lore.
Essentially, his power, is also his handicap.  This unique aspect of Daredevil is why I enjoy the character so much. 

Unfortunately, many others don’t feel the same.  Not that they hate Daredevil, but most simply feel indifferent. 
Since this is the case, I want to do something.

I’d like to do a weekly vlog/blog on Daredevil.  I plan on spotlighting issues in the best chronological order as possible, while doing my best not to give away any spoilers. 

Hopefully it’s good, but to be honest, I’d just be happy if it doesn’t totally suck.