Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GASLIGHTS (Guest Blog)

I first learned about Gotham by Gaslight through a “coming attractions” blurb in a mail-order comic catalog that got delivered to my house quarterly.  I’d been so geeked by the heavy-lined cover art Mignola had recently done for Dark Knight / Dark City (Batman #452-454) that when I read he was illustrating a parallel universe Batman-Fucks-Up-Jack-the-Ripper story, I might have actually squealed.
But don’t judge: I was in the 7th grade.
Best, Gotham by Gaslight was a one-shot.  For a kid with limited access to comic shops, one-shots were a blessing.  It was one ticket for one show, and I finally got that ticket on a random trip to Franklin Park Mall with my friend John back in 1991, when I found Gotham by Gaslight sitting on a magazine rack at Waldenbooks.  I didn’t even have the five bucks needed to buy it, but John did, and writing this now I wonder if I ever paid him back.