Saturday, November 9, 2013


Buying comics is nice.

Helping others is heartfelt.

Being able to help others by buying comic books … WIN!

Where does this wonderful exchange take place?

I first heard about this event, at the “Toys on the Hudson” show.  I didn’t know anything about it, but show organizer Spiro Ballas was extremely proud and couldn’t wait to give me all the details:

“Super Hero’s for Hospice is a fundraising show to help Barnabas Health Hospice in New Jersey.  It’s a simple idea because I sold boxes of old comics of mine.  I heard the donate cars for kids commercial, and thought, ‘if people are willing to donate cars, maybe they’ll donate comics’.  I got the okay to start it five-year-ago, and it’s been blossoming ever since.”

Not sure on what hospice care is, or if they actually raise any money?  Here’s Spiro with more info…

“Hospice care is end of life care.  When someone, or a family, has used all of their options to fight a disease/illness, we come in and help comfort the patient/family towards the end.  Before the show, we have collected just above $40,000.  After today, we should have an additional $6,000."

This isn’t a cookie cutter show either.

In one huge conference room sits long boxes after long boxes.  Think I'm over exaggerating? Look at the pictures; they had so many that they flooded into the hallway.  A few workers believe they had over 500 boxes.  They had so many that they could only estimate the books.

These books are all tax write offs.

So you won't need to haggle with anyone. They're $1 bin books. There's something for everyone.

Sounds like something you would like to be a part of?  Spiro says you can: “People can donate by simply getting in touch with me via phone/email.  They can drop them off at our office.  If they need to be picked up, we can arrange to have that done.  All donations are tax write offs.  We are a non-profit agency.”

It was an ocean of $1 books. Depending on the quantity of comics you picked up, the price went down.

These aren't cruddy books either. We're talking about big runs in great condition.
You won't find an Amazing Spider-Man 300, but you'll get a lot of books for a particular title.

Parent and showgoer Matt Moses loves the show for some very specific reasons, “They have great stuff here.  I read a lot of alternate and underground stuff, and they have a fantastic selection for my kids.” 

My favorite aspect of the show, which also happens to be what takes the most time, is the organization. All the books were in order by company - title - and by number. It was extremely easy to find books.  Having this at any show, is a godsend.

You might be wondering how good these books truly are. I understand your concern. After all, the quality of these books may influence you on spending your afternoon to get to a show.

I promise won't be disappointed.

The best way to explain the quality of this show is through the other comic vendors.

No, they weren't selling books, but buying mass quantities to fill the bins of their stores.

Think about that.

They're buying so many books for less than a dollar, and reselling them in their store for a whole lot more!

That says a lot!!!

I'm now fully prepared to bring my wish-list of books and going to town at the next show.

So do your daily good deed, and channel your inner geek, by buying some comic books at Super Heroes for Hospice.