Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Hate Star Wars, and chances are, it's because of you

 I've caught a lot of flak about this over the years.

The title says enough, but before I start, for those who don't personally know me, I'd like to share some of my better qualities.

I am an Eagle Scout.
I am an Assistant Scout Master.
I work hard at a job I've always wanted.
I'm great with kids.
I'm going to be a godfather for the second time.
I treat my parents like gold.
I'm a great listener.
I always remember to put the toilet seat down.
And I always ask my friends if they need help moving.

Falling short of being the guy that found Osama Bin Laden ... I truly have done my best to be a great person. Yet, people are able to easily forget that with one sentence:

I, Nicholas Joseph Monte, do not like Star Wars…at all.

That one sentence… that one bit of information in which I share as a fact of my being, often (key word) trumps everything else about me at that moment.

Michael Vick has received more love from PETA than me after I utter that phrase.

Sounds like I might be jumping ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning. No, It's not in a galaxy far, far away. Instead, it takes place in Brooklyn, New York.

From my earliest memories of watching television, movies, or being read to, I was never into space stories of any kind. That's it. No real rhyme or reason. I didn't think much of it. To each their own, right?

A story like "Superman" or "War of the Worlds" I was cool with. Even though they're aliens, the heart of the story takes place on earth. However, if the X-Men (a comic I really enjoyed as a kid) had to deal with the Sheiar Empire, I was totally turned off. 

This trend stayed the course through the years.

I vaguely remember seeing Star Wars for the first time. I thought the light sabers were cool in their own unique way, Darth Vader came off as a mysterious baddie, but after that, I didn't care.

Notice an important detail? I gave Star Wars a try. That's all anyone can ask someone for, right?

I truly can't stand people who bash a subject, but don't even attempt to read or understand it. Perfect example is Harry Potter. I had a job in college in which I worked with a very religious person. 

This guy was a great and smart individual, but man, did he hate the Potter series. He would say such things as "It encourages the devil", "It sends kids the wrong message" and "It's absolute trash". So I asked him, calmly as someone who has read the whole series, what was it about the books that made him feel this way. 

To my dismay he only saw the covers and never attempted to read a page.

Personally, this is the epitome of a closed minded argument: a person who has completely made up their mind without any knowledge of the subject.

Since this is a trait that has irritated the living hell out of me ... I have always done my damndest to avoid falling into this "mental trap". It's the only reason I watched the new episodes when they were released in theater.

If people whom I’ve just met responded to me saying something along the lines of, "I'm surprised to hear that considering you like comics. WHY IS that"? Then chances are this wouldn't be an issue and you wouldn't be reading this blog.

I know my friends will always give me a hard time about disliking Star Wars, but that's okay, because they're my friends, and they can get away with ball busting love.

What bothers me is when others meet me for the first time, and they say things such as, "what's wrong with you", "hand in your geek card" or "You're a fucking idiot" ... Well ...  To quote a movie I do love "I'm fuzzy on the whole good / bad thing. What do you mean..."

You may find my opinion negative and somewhat contradictory. My response. “Nay nay!” I'm only attempting to highlight the negativity and closed-mindedness that people may, or may not, even realize. Okay, perhaps I'm also bitchin' about Star Wars a little.

If someone is showing negative feelings towards something you enjoy or passionate about ... Don't look to put them down so quickly. Instead, attempt to have an intelligent discussion; isn't that what smart people do after all?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Episode 33 - NY Comic Con 2014 Recap (Podcast)

- New York Comic Con 2014
- Batman / Superman Movies
- Iron man / Captain America
- Flash & Arrow Premiere
- Walking Dead
- New Daredevil Images
- Daredevil: Road Warrior
- Rainbow Brite Show