I'm Nick Monte, but everyone just calls me Monte.

When it comes to writing about myself, well, I'm kind of a mess.

So here are some bullets / highlights of yours truly.

- Play bass Guitar
- Love me some baseball
- Love classic American cars
- If a girl says "bass?" and not confuse it with a fish, gives me the starting line-up to the 1998 Yankees, and own a 1970 Chevelle...I may propose on the spot to her
- Unless I'm driving, I never yell
- I do not have coodies
- I'm addicted to 'Words With Friends'!  My handle is Three Card Monte.  Bring it!!!
- When I have a beard, I talk to my sister more than usual.  Mostly so she can mock me, and threaten me about it. xoxoxoxo
- I have a problem with comic books.  I need to sell'em

I'll add more stuff later, but for now, here are some links that would probably describe me better.


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