For a few years I was working the overnight shift.  On average I worked from 11:30pm till 9am.  Taking NJ Transit into New York was always an adventure.  By the time I got to work, I always had some type of story to tell people.  As time passed, the hours were getting to me, and the stories were related to me being mad at my daily adventures.  Someone jokingly said that I should start a blog.  I laughed at it and said, "Maybe I should, and I'll call it Monte's Mayhem.  That sounds like a good play on words."  But it didn't become more than that.

That was over a year ago.

About a month ago, within the same weekend, I had a lot to experience.  Three sets of friends got engaged, my friend had a baby, and someone I knew passed away suddenly.  It was kind of an eye opener to enjoy life and to give things a try.  Because of which, I've decided to actually start "Monte's Mayhem".

Garfield the cat, utterly hates, Mondays.  On that note, so do lots of other people.  So I want to start off every week on an amusing note. For those who don't know, 'Man Law' in its best description, is the constitution that guys should live by.  It's a funny guideline, but every rule does have its silver lining of truth.

'Man Law' isn't exactly new.  But more and more people are talking about it.  A few friends and I kept brining it up.  "Bro, 'Man Law', you gotta finish that beer" or "Bud, I need a wingman, can you help out....Well yeah, 'Man Law' dude!"

We'd throw out random numbers and rules at least once a night at a bar.  So I figured the consitituion of men needs to bee given to the masses.  Hence, 'Man Law Monday'.

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